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May 6, 2016

Do you sometime find that you want to add an item to your lexicon, but you're not sure what the right translation should be? Maybe you don't know what part of speech it is? Would you prefer not to have to type in lexical item details everytime you add an item to your lexicon? Never fear, Autofill is here! Personal Lexicon has just released version 2.7, which introduces this new feature. Just type in your item text and hit Enter. If your lexicon uses one of over 40 languages supported by autofill then the item's translation and other details will automatically be filled in. Plus, this latest release contains other improvements and bug fixes. Check out the forum for a full list of updates or just download the new version and check it out yourself.


  • Create a lexicon for practically any language.
  • Categorize lexical items into themes and sub-themes.
  • Link lexical items that are related.
  • Assess yourself with various tests and quizzes.
  • Share certain lexical items or your entire lexicon with others.
  • Track & Search for lexical items with specific attributes.

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