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April 7, 2017

Personal Lexicon is excited to introduce Cloud Sync! With version 2.9, released just today, you can easily keep your lexicons update-to-date on multiple computers. All you need is an account with a cloud provider such as Google. After that, you can make updates to your lexicons from anywhere. Whether you are at home, school, or the office, your latest updates are always accessible, not to mention, your lexicons are always backed up in the cloud. Personal Lexicon 2.9 also makes it possible for other devices to have access to your lexicons if you want to be even more mobile. Keep on eye on this space for more news to come.


  • Create a lexicon for practically any language.
  • Categorize lexical items into themes and sub-themes.
  • Link lexical items that are related.
  • Assess yourself with various tests and quizzes.
  • Share certain lexical items or your entire lexicon with others.
  • Track & Search for lexical items with specific attributes.

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