Topic: Nouns and gender

Since nouns either be masculine or feminine it is superfluous to have (noun / fem) - all I need is (masc) or (fem) after a noun. If I leave out the abbreviation for noun I get (/ fem). How do I tidy it up to simply have (fem)?



Re: Nouns and gender

Eòin, I'm not 100% sure I understand your question.  There are either 1 or 2 abbreviations that show up when you view a lexical item.  As you mentioned, the first one is the abbreviation for the lexical type.  Lexical type abbreviations will always show.  Obviously, it's meant to tell you if the item is a noun, a verb, etc.

The second abbreviation may appear if gender is assigned to the item.  You are correct that if you are learning a language that only has gender for nouns then, assuming your gender abbreviations don't conflict with any of your lexical type abbreviations, this is superfluous.  However, the program doesn't make this assumption or check for this condition.  These two abbreviations are separate pieces of information and as such are treated separately.