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Hello.  I don't know how many people are looking at these forums, but enough people have downloaded and registered that I thought I should post the first message.  The site is new as of last week and I've already gotten a couple enhancement requests as well as a few general support questions.  It would probably be a good idea if most questions are posed in the forums instead of using the support email.  That way everyone can have access to the answers.  Soon, I'll change the FAQ to point to the forum instead of the support email address. That doesn't mean that you can't send email directly to support if you want.

As for feature requests, I need to gather input and opinions on what features would be most valuable.  If you want to see a particular feature added to the next version of PL then I suggest posting a message in this forum and asking for people to vote for it.  That way I'll know what enhancements should take priority.  I certainly appreciate any input, even if a proposed feature doesn't make it into the next release.




Re: requesting features and general support

Hello, this is Carmina Maddox--I am trying to download the Spanish Lexicon but my computer might not be able to open PLF files--can you tell me what is the best way to open those files?  Do I need to purchase something or is there a free download somewhere?  Please, I need your help.

Carmina Maddox - Karmyna54


Re: requesting features and general support

Alexander, I sent you another message earlier but I cannot find it so I do not know if you received it.  In it I was telling you that there is a classmate of mine who says that she paid for the Lexicon and got a key number but cannot open it.  Do you have an e-mail address I can give her so she can contact you?  What should I tell her.  It seems like several people in my class are having trouble.  Carmina


Re: requesting features and general support

Hi Carmina.  It does seem like many students from NMCLA (I assume you are one) are registering without downloading the application first.  Then they get confused about the instructions they get in the license key email.  I received an email from Marisa along those lines earlier today.  Is she the one you are talking about?  People can always contact me either using this forum or by filling out the Contact form: http://www.personal-lexicon.com/contact.php


Re: requesting features and general support

Hi Alexander! Valerie here. I'm so grateful with this new site because I am partly a writer and this site is really a big help for me especially when it comes to my writing tasks. You have information when it comes to antonyms, synonyms and etc. Hope you can update me if there are more new features coming. Thank you and congrats! smile

Valerie Fraiser
4 Hour Work Week


Re: requesting features and general support

Hi Valerie.  Would you or anyone else for that matter be interested in beta-testing the upcoming version of PL? We'll be starting the beta test in May.  It's an opportunity to give input on the updated interface and features.