Print Preferences

The Printing tab gives you control over aspects of printing. The Print Font property effects all printouts (test and item printouts) while the remaining controls deal exclusively with item printouts.

The print font defines a font and its size. Note that this is not the only font used in printouts. The fonts defined on the General tab also control how printouts look. Those fonts are the ones used whenever printing lexical item text, lexical type text, or translation text. The print font is used for all other text, however, the print font size is the master size for all printed text.

The controls in the Item Printouts panel are used exclusively for configuring the format of lexical item printouts. The first checkbox at the top determines if a single lexical item is allowed to print across multiple pages. That is, if all the information about a lexical item cannot fit within the remaining space on the page then some of the item will be printed on this page and some will be printed on the next. If this option is left unselected then a page break will be inserted when the remaining page space is insufficient. This ensures that all information pertaining to a lexical item is presented a single page (possibly with other items). The remaining controls on this panel determine which pieces of a lexical items are included on item printouts.

One final note about fonts: When selecting fonts, some are better than others for printing purposes. While most fonts can print italics and bold text, others can't. Once you select a set of fonts, you may want to perform a quick test by printing a couple lexical items. On the printout you should see the item text printed in bold and field labels like "Translation:" printed in italics. If this isn't the case then selecting a different font will give you better results.