Test Preferences

Within the Preferences dialog there are 3 test options that change the test taking experience. The first is a checkbox to enabled full screen mode. When selected, the Test window will fill the entire screen once a test begins. This helps prevent distraction by making other applications as well as your computer desktop inaccessible, encouraging you to focus exclusively on the test.

A second checkbox allows you to review previous questions during a test. Selecting this will add a left arrow button to the bottom of the test window. For tests that don't have immediate question verification, this means that you can go back to previous questions and change your answers if you chose. If immediate verification is set then this option simply allows you to review which questions you've answered correctly and which ones were incorrect, similar information as is provided in the test summary.

The third checkbox turns on audio cues for tests that have immediate question verification set. When selected, distinct sounds will play when a question is answered correctly or incorrectly. Other sounds may also play at various times during the test.

Two additional checkboxes allow you to set the look of test printouts.